AmJet-u Tech. Co. Ltd is established in 2014 and is specialized in the design , development and production of unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV/UAS, Fixed wing/Multi-rotors), also in the associated facilities on telecommunication, autopilot navigation flight computer and ground control station. We can provide the training curriculums with simultative environment for the operating staffs.

As a Taiwan company, our senior engineers all come from the UAV/UAS companies or related industry in Taiwan. We have the highest capacities of R&D and excellent cooperative experience with many associated companies. Recently we have developed a platform for jet unmanned aircraft vehicles, focusing on the applications of target drone or crusing/surveillance drone. AmJet-u jet UAV platform is of high quality and high flexibility in their applications with a fully technical supports. Our main focus of R & D mission is for universal platforms and innovative technology.


Jet Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Platalea)

An Jet UAV/UAS platform is developed by installing our own autopilot navigation flight computer and operating by portable GCS facility. The Jet platform features high speed, high payload capacity and accurate navigation flight and will be appropriate for surveying mission or as a target drone.

Length 212 cm
Wing span 218 cm
Height 48 cm
Fuel Tank 15 liter
Maximum payload 3 kg
Maximum takeoff weight 25 kg
Jet turbine 16 kg of static thrust
Speed range 70-280 km/hr
Cruising speed 160 km/hr
Maximum altitude 3500 meters
Endurance 30 minutes
Operating range >80 km
Other features:
Digital autopilot and 3 axis IMU
Integrated GPS,
Autonomous waypoints navigation and digital telemetry systems

Jet Target Drone

The Jet target drone is developed on the basis of our UAV/UAS platform, installed by our own autopilot navigation flight computer and operated by a portable GCS facility. The target drone can be launched from the catapult with the endurance time 45 min and its max. speed exceeding 360 km/hr.

Fuselage length 220 cm
Wing span 200 cm
Dry Weight _13 kg
Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) 45 kg
Fuel tank 42 liter
Jet turbine 30 kg of static thrust
Maximum speed: > 360 km/hr
Endurance time: 45 minutes