Combilents expertise is high level of intergation of RF conditioning products.

• Delivery Innovation to Public Safety Markets with Filters, Combiners, Duplexers, and Tower Top Amplifiers
• Driving component design that integrate with your OEM BTS as opposed to discrete catalog offerings
• Leading the Market demand of reducing infrastructure cost while improviong system performance and reliability


Tower Mount Amplifier

Tower Mount Amplifier

Combilent is offering a range of Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA) or Tower Top Amplifiers (TTA) for use with TETRA, P25 or dMR base stations.

Combilents TMA/TTA products are custom designs and offers a very compact and light weight form factor.

Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA or TTA) are installed at the tower top close to the antenna and improves the coverage area by balancing up- and down link in eleminating the cable losses.

With a TMA installed, the system noise figure is equivalent to the noise figure of the TMA.

Products are available for the following frequency bands:
• 400 MHz
• 7/800 MHz
• 900 MHz