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Waste Plastic to Diesel Reborn System

Low biotech process
Most plastics are made from petrochemicals (crude oil and natural gas), although they can also be produced from corn and other biomasses. The first step in refining waste is using chemical reduction to petroleum hydrocarbon from petrochemicals. Phase change of reduction process: solid → gas → liquid. Three steps are following:

1st step: heating the mixed waste plastics and melting.

2nd step: reheat liquefied waste plastic to 280℃, polymer with long-chains will be cut into short-chain hydrocarbons molecules. Crude oil and gas will be produced in the mean time. Gas is normally less than 5%, and crude oil will be over 90% depending on the contents of the waste plastic. Water inside the waste plastics will be discharged while processing.

3rd step: go to the process of distillation. According to the different fractionation points of crude oil for gasoline and diesel, gasoline and diesel fuel could be fractioned out. Usually diesels occupy 80~90%, the rest will be gasoline. Refining process is an options to upgrade products to advanced diesel and unleaded petrol.

Advanced key technology

Key point of the process is heating temperature. When the temperature exceeds a certain limit, molecular hydrogen from the carbonation appears pyrolysis. Lots of unsaturated hydrocarbons are generated, resulting in poor stable and black oil. Yield rate of liquid hydrocarbons is reduced; unevenly heated equipment could generate local high temperature regions, the above phenomenon will be more serious. If the temperature is too low or unevenly, pyrolysis will not be completely done conversely.

Tests have been done huge times, depending on the characteristics of plastic components constitution. Appropriate temperature ranges are got through tests, low temperature biotech manufacturing process is the key know how. Products quality and yield rates can be controlled regardless of the feeding materials.