Best Portable Digital Video Recorder In Malaysia

Established in 1999, IDFONE first started in the POS business and focused on the development and export of vehicle DVR and 900Mhz (police talk link) in the security market. However, although the DVR market is growing steadily as many companies are dumping products at low prices. IDFONE wishes to lead the portable DVR market with its KAISHOT that supports location-based wireless transmission.

KAISHOT (Mobile Personal Video Recorder) is a portable audio/video recorder with excellent portability and resolution. It can be used for various purposes such as military, police, SWAT, firefighting, public officer’s works, leisure sports and general activities.



Portable DVR (KAISHOT)

KAISSHOT supports use of various cameras for various purposes.

KAISSHOT can be used in various wireless environments.It can send video, location information and other data to a remote site in real-time.It is easy to control. It is small and quite portable.It uses the H.264 codec to compress the data with high video quality.

It can support longer hours of recording for the same amount of data.In addition, it is waterproof and can be used in various environments.