ProLine is an established research and design engineering company, with over 20 years accumulated experience in the RF and microwave industry. We specialize in the design, engineering and manufacturing of RF and microwave products and manufacture cavity, ceramic and LC filters to standard and customized specifications. We take pride in our product range which offers the most cost effective solutions, provided with short lead times and with highest attention to customer satisfaction.

Applications of our products include for military, space and broadcasting and telecommunications systems.

ProLine is a supplier of reliable amplifier, termination, attenuator, resistor, RF switch and repeater components from leading manufacturers in Korea. We are also suppliers of high performance test instrumentation including passive intermodulation and network analyzers.


Cavity Filters

◾ provide solutions for applications from DC – 80 GHZ (including Ka and Q-band).
◾ provide solutions for military, broadcasting, space and telecommunications applications.
◾ offer high Q (low insertion loss).
◾ are designed using the most recent advances in 3D computer aided design technologies.
◾ have been proven both domestically and internationally.
◾ are manufactured in the most compact sizes possible.

Ceramic Filters

ProLine provides ceramic and lumped element filter designs from DC to 6 GHz. These packages are provided as discrete components, in mono-block, multiplexer and combiner packages. They are manufactured for both 50 and 75 Ohm input/output.

RF Connector

SMA, N, DIN, MCX, SMB, MMCX, BNC, TNC and other connectors are available.